Stranded International Hair Extensions | Review ♡

Hey guys! I’m back on the blog after a while and I have a review for you!

So a few weeks ago I was approached by someone from the stranded international team and I was asked if I wanted to be send some of their hair extension pieces to try and share my thoughts online. I was very excited about it as I have never owned clip in extensions before and I have recently purchased some from another brand for my wedding day (they were so so expensive) but I was really excited to try this brand too! They were so nice and let me choose whichever I wanted and they also helped me with the colour matching which is something that I personally find is very helpful as it can be very tricky but their team does a perfect job as mine are literally identical to my hair colour. If you decide on ordering there’s an option at the bottom of the page that lets you upload a picture of your hair so it’s easier to match it to yours and you can even request getting hair samples to see them before buying the whole clip in set.

Once we decided on the colour and I let them know which one I wanted they said they would ship it over to me and I’m not even kidding it arrived the next day! I was in shock and very impressed at how fast it came! They arrived in a very sturdy packaging with all the details of your extensions on it. The actual extensions come safely secured inside a hair net that keeps them from getting tangled during the shipping process.

The extensions I decided to go for were from their heat resistant clip in sets. This heat resistant clip in set is designed with the best fibres to help you achieve a seamless blend and to make it look as natural as possible so it matches with your natural hair. They resist up to 180 degrees heat. The set I chose comes with 3 pieces that have already been curled (yes! How amazing is that!!). These extensions come only in 18 inches for length and the weight is approx 180 grams.

They have 30 natural shades that you can choose from and the one that was matched to my hair colour ended up being 1B Queen of the night

The retail price of this set is £21.99 which I think is AMAZING as the quality of them is really good and usually if you were to get human hair extensions you would be paying a minimum of £100 for them. They were very user friendly specially if you don’t have a lot of experience with hair extensions like me and I would say this is a really good set if you are wanting to start getting into wearing clip in hair extensions. Overall I would highly suggest checking this brand out as their extensions are amazing and the price is even better! They also do a lot of other products like one piece extensions, different types of sets (straight hair and already curled hair), ponytails, crown pieces, accessories and so much more. Here’s the link for their website if you want to check them out. Thank you so much stranded international for gifting me this clip in set I absolutely love it!

So what do we think guys? I’m really happy with the way they look on me and also about the fact that I don’t have to spend ages curling the whole set of hair as it comes already curled! Let me know if you have tried these hair extensions before and what do you think about them! Until next time,

– P xx 💋



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