Engagement/Pre Wedding photoshoot πŸ’™

One of the things that we decided it would be important to prioritise for our Wedding day was to have a fabulous photographer. Apart from your memories, photos are the one thing that will last forever so it was very important to find the perfect photographer for us.

I came across a photographer here in Scotland on instagram and I was really attracted to his style and pictures and immediately asked if he was available for our wedding date; sadly he wasn’t but he was nice enough to share with me a list of some photographers that shared the same style of photography as he did. I went on to instagram and Facebook to see everyone’s photography and the ones that really stood out to me were our now photographers.

I messaged them straight away to ask if they were available for our wedding day and luckily they were! I immediately booked an appointment so we could go and meet with them. A few weeks later we went to their studio to meet them in person as I think this is so important to do. You’ll be with your photographers more than with anyone else on your wedding day so you need to feel comfortable with them and I just feel like vibes are a big thing, you don’t want anyone you don’t vibe with sharing one of the most special days with you and your family.

Straight away we loved them! They are a young married couple who are so much fun to be around and make you feel so comfortable. They showed us some pictures and we talked about packages. They also explained to us their style of photography which is pretty much capturing moments, nothing too forced or too much pose, for them it’s more about candids and telling a story with photography which was exactly what we were looking for. The conversation was so nice that we ended up taking about how we met for over an hour. We knew that we wanted them for our wedding day so we booked with them there and then.

Having an engagement/pre wedding photoshoot was something I really wanted to do and now that we did it I recommend it to every bride to be as you can get a feel for what it will be on your wedding day. Some people are not as comfortable in front of a camera as everyone so it’s a nice thing to do before the big day. It also allows the photographers to work with you and get familiarised with each other. We booked our photoshoot for the Thursday, 7th of June and decided on driving up to an area in the highlands called Glencoe here in Scotland as it’s my absolutely favourite and the scenery is honestly out of this world! πŸ”We decided on a meeting point so we would be able to follow them to the areas in Glencoe where they love to go to when they do shootings there. We ended up shooting from 12 pm to almost 3 pm on several locations in Glencoe.

One of the things that I personally love about our photographers is that there’s TWO of them for the price of one! What this means is that they were able to have more than one camera with them which means taking different types of photos as they had about 5 cameras and different types of lenses for different styles of photography and effects.

At the beginning it was a bit weird having people with cameras in front of you but my fiancΓ© kept being silly and making me laugh so after a few minutes I felt comfortable. We basically were just walking around Glencoe, kissing, laughing, holding hands and staring at each other whilst they were taking pictures of us. They also helped us with a few natural poses which look amazing in photos.

The photographers were absolutely amazing with us! I have shared some on social media and everyone keeps telling me they look like they are shots from a movie poster or a book cover. I have also been said they look from Pinterest hahaha but honestly I’m over the moon with them! They came out perfect! The scenery, the moment, the style and just everything that they were able to capture – I’m absolutely blown away! We also look really good if I do say so myself and we have more than 100 photos from that day which is pretty amazing as I have heard some other people doing their pre wedding shoots and don’t getting nearly as much as we did.

I’m so so excited now for our wedding day getting closer and closer and getting our pictures taken by our amazing photographers. Im also very happy that we now have those memories as a couple forever.

I would 10000% recommend booking with our photographers if you live in Scotland (their website is here) and would also recommend having a pre wedding photoshoot before the actual big day. Let me know what you think of our photos and if you have a favourite as I have no idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Talk to you next time and thank you for sharing my wedding journey with me.

– P xx



  1. Wow these photos are just out of this world. I’m almost emotional looking at how happy you guys are and I don’t know you πŸ˜€
    What a badass country, too!

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