Wedding diaries | I’m engaged, now what!? 👰🏻

Hey everyone! It’s me back with the wedding diaries series, it’s been a while since I did my first one but wedding planning and life have kept me busy.

This post will be all about how to start planning for your dream wedding. Now, I’m no wedding planner and this was all very new to me as no one close to me has had a big wedding and if they had I never took part in the planning so I had very little knowledge. Not even my mum could helped me with this as they didn’t have a traditional wedding they sort of “eloped”, I think there was only 8 people there so a really small wedding. This is just going to be me letting you know how we started the planning process and what we did.

The next day after we got engaged we started the planning as we knew we wanted/had to get married next year (this year – 2018) since I’m from Mexico we need to get married in order for me to be able to live in the UK and work and all that so we knew 2018 was going to be our wedding year but we weren’t sure exactly on the date yet.

We toyed with the idea of getting married in Cancun (that’s where I’m from) but to be completely honest, I never imagined myself getting married at the beach. I know, I know, I’m crazy! The amount of couples in the UK that would kill to get married in Cancun are endless but it’s always soooo sooo humid! The though of my beautiful, expensive wedding dress getting all covered with sand, me being all sticky and sweaty as even if you get married around the evening it is still humid so there’s always sweat involved was not what I wanted. Also I’m always worried about the way my hair looks so me worrying about the wind messing my pretty hair was just all too much. I love the beach and the sun but I always envisioned my wedding differently, so I knew I wanted to get married in Scotland.

We had talked about our wedding before we even got engaged so I knew we were on the same page. We decided on a smaller/medium size wedding as neither of us wanted a massive wedding as we have talked about having a longer and nicer honeymoon instead of a huge wedding, we just wanted our close family members and friends sharing the day with us. Having the wedding in Scotland meant that I would be able to get away with not inviting or knowing that a lot of my family members that I’m not too close to or not too keen on wouldn’t be able to fly to Scotland. I only wanted people that I truly love and know that they have always been in my life.

Also as you all probably know weddings are SO expensive so setting a budget or having an idea of the maximum amount of money you want to spend is KEY when planning a wedding. Having a smaller one would cut down expenses so it all worked out for us. After agreeing on the country and size of the wedding we did a list of roughly all the people we would invite and it came down to around 50-60 in total. I think we spent one of our evenings on holidays just looking online at venues all around Scotland – all around Glasgow and the highlands as my mind was set on the idea of getting married in a castle.

After coming back to Scotland In November we had an idea of either getting married in October or in December 2018 as my fiancé’s sister is getting married this year as well in November so we obviously didn’t want to get married on the same month as they are and we also needed a few months to sort the wedding and we felt having the wedding either one of those months would give us enough time to do it. We narrowed it down to 4 venues we really wanted to go visit. One of them was the venue we are now getting married at and the other 3 were castles. I managed to book a viewing for our now wedding venue and one of the castles.

The first venue we went to visit was our now wedding venue – it is a country club here in Scotland which is also an equestrian centre and riding academy so they have horses everywhere. Once we finished looking around the venue we sat down with the manager and he explained every wedding package to us and prices and all that adult stuff. We were extremely lucky that he was able to give us the most expensive wedding package (the one they have in the summer) for half the price and even cheaper than the wedding package for winter (the cheapest season) as groupon was selling wedding dates they bought from the venue for very cheap so they wouldn’t be able to compete with that and so we were going to get an amazing wedding package for a bargain price! We then asked about available dates in October and December and guess what? They only had ONE last available date for Saturday the 8th of December. After getting all the information we went back to the car to talk about it. We ended up comparing the prices of the other venues and comparing what every package was giving us and how easily everyone would be able to get to each venue and after TWO HOURS of comparing and doing pros and cons of each venue we decided to go back to the place and book our wedding date there and then!

So yeah, we literally only saw one venue and decided it was the best price, package, place and location for us and the wedding we wanted. It being in Glasgow was also good as it was easier for people to get there as the highlands are far away and transportation would be needed (another expense). It also felt right, we absolutely loveeed the place! We went on December 15th so it was a crisp sunny winter morning and that is exactly what I was wanting for our wedding day – here’s hoping the weather is just like that on our day. The venue is so beautiful and the grounds around the venue are stunning, you can see river Clyde from it (a popular river in Scotland) and all the mountains covered in snow. The manager was amazing and he told us they do 250 plus weddings a year so they know what they are doing and I felt I could trust them with our special day. The date was perfect as well, it was the last one available so it all felt right, as if it was meant to be for us you know? 💗 also, there’s horses there! What more could you possibly want?

To sum it up, here are some important things to have in mind at the early stages of wedding planning:

Talk to your fiancé. You need to know what type of wedding both of you want. I know some guys don’t care but some guys do, so it’s important to have them in mind too when it comes to planning.

Buy a planner. Yes! One of those very instagram worthy ones. They’ll be your best friend as most of them have everything that you’ll need to book inside and it’s important to be organised.

Set a budget. Once you start planning and booking things this budget may change but you absolutely NEED to know how much money you will have and what’s the maximum you want to spend on the wedding.

Be open. Don’t settle on a specific wedding date as some wedding venues have been booked years in advance and if the wedding venue you want is very popular you might not get the day you want and you’ll end up feeling disappointed.

Decide on the season. If you want to save a lot of money get married in Autumn/December as prices in Spring/Summer can be twice the price! Also weekends are more expensive than weekdays and the most expensive day it’s a Saturday, so if you still want a weekend wedding book it on a Friday as it’ll be much cheaper.

Decide on the number of people. Wedding venues have set packages depending on the number of people attending so prices will vary depending on this.

Be conscious. If you want to save up some money then book with the venue that includes more things in their wedding packages. We could have booked a castle twice as expensive as the wedding venue we decided to go for and the package only included food. I know ya girls dream of our wedding day and how it should be and we can get upset if we don’t get our way but just think for a second that the wedding doesn’t matter, what you want is to have an even more beautiful marriage so just go with the flow and be conscious about spending money.

Wedding planning is in full force at the moment as we have booked every big thing already, from our photographers to the company that’s going to do the decorations for the suite we are getting married at and flowers and my dress as well so I’m a very happy/organised bride! I hope this was helpful if you are planning your wedding and don’t know where to start or if you just wanted to have a nosy and love all wedding things (seriously how many more times can I write wedding).

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you are engaged or married and went through the same thing or what wedding topic you want me to share next time. I know weddings are very important but at the end of the day what’s more important is marrying the one you love and makes you happy.

Talk to you next time!

– P xx


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