March beauty favourites 🖤

Hey guys! Seeing as it’s one of the last days of March I thought I would share with you my beauty faves from this month and why I have been loving them.

1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

I bought this contour palette a while ago and used it once or twice but then it got lost in my makeup collection but I started wearing this again at the end of February and I’m in loveeeeee!! It has 8 powders and I’ll tell you what I use them for. Starting at the top row there’s 2 powders that are your highlighting shades and I use them for setting my under eye concealer, there’s a pinkier shade and a banana powder shade and I either mix them up or use whichever I want. I also wear them under my cheek contour whenever I want to carve that contour a bit more and to soften the edges. These 2 shades work great for my skin and they last ages. The next 2 shades at the top row are your highlighters, the shades are gorgeous as it’s a more natural one but you also have a more icy one. They are really nice and buildable and they work great! Continuing with the bottom row you have 3 powders that are your contour shades. I don’t really use the first shade as I find it’s a bit too warm to do my contour but the second shade is THE PERFECT SHADE FOR CONTOUR! It has a cooler undertone to it so its perfect for that chiseled cheeks look, the third shade is perfect to bronze your skin and the colours work amazing with my skin tone. Last but not least the last powder is another highlighter and this is my favourite from all three as it has a bit more of bronze on it so it works so good for me and I use it when I want highlighter on my nose but I don’t want it to be super intense.

This palette is a best seller and for good reason, I would honestly recommend it so much and the price is the best as it’s only £8, you can get it here. Oh and don’t forget about that huge mirror!!

2. Benefit Rockateur Blush

This blush has been out for a while and it’s one of those I keep reaching for even after all this time. The shade is essentially a rose gold one and it has small specks of gold but they are not noticeable in your face at all they just give you such a beautiful colour and warmth to your face. I find that this blush works with any look and it’s one of those that you will love if you don’t enjoy wearing super pink cheeks. It’s £25.50 which it’s not cheap for blush but it lasts soooo long and you can also get it on ASOS and get 10% off with student discount.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter

So.. this highlighter .. what can I say? IM IN LOVE! This is a collaboration with influencer Amrezy who I have been following for a while on instagram and I love her! I knew I had to get this when the collab just released as Amrezy honestly is always highlighted to the gods and she’s the highlighter queen so I KNEW it was going to be good and also ABH always have the best highlighter formulas out there.

First of all, the packaging is insane! The highlighter has a really cool pattern on it and the shade is beautiful! the name is light brilliant gold and it is literally that! I have been using this non stop since I got it and it just melts into your skin. You can build it up so it can go from just a nice glow to blinding in seconds, it does not have any fallout whatsoever and if you love the look of wet highlighters this is the one for you. I would honestly say this is my favourite highlighter in my collection right now and I’m a highlighter junkie!

It is honestly worth the £29 price tag as I have seen girls with really light and really dark skin tones and it looks amazing on everyone. Get it here 🌟

4. Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss – Shade 18

Im not usually a lipgloss kinda gal because I hate sticky lip products but when I saw this shade of lipgloss from Kiko I knew I had to get it 😍. I have always heard about the 3D hydra lipglosses from Kiko and how everyone loves them so I decided to bite the bullet and get it and that was the best decision ever! This shade is just GORGEOUS! It’s the shade 18 and it’s called golden sparkle and it is essentially a bronze shade with golden specks. This is the only type of lipglosses I can wear as they are ZERO sticky! I wore this the other day and it was raining, hailing and windy and had my hair down and none of it got stuck to my lips so I was very impressed. It makes my lips look so juicy, shiny and they are soo pigmented. They are overall amazing and highly recommend.

Honestly try them if you are not sure about lipglosses cause this one changed my whole mind about them. They have lots of amazing colours so I’m sure you can find something that will work for you and they are only £7.90. Get it here.

5. Mac Tan Pigment

We all know and love mac pigments and since asos announced they now sell mac cosmetics on their website I decided to pick the shade tan. I was so happy to see they sell them in mini tubes for only £10 as the usual sizes are huge and you can never finish them so I was happy to pay that for the small one. It’s so easy to use, it blends and the shade is the most gorgeous shade ever.. it’s sort of a bronze rose gold colour and I’m loving it. Really want to pick up some more shades but if you want to try mac pigments for the first time try this one you will love the colour. I usually wear it with other shades but this is honestly that beautiful that you could only wear this shade all over the lid and look ready to go!

6. NYX Glitter Primer

I have been using this NYX glitter primer for ever now and it’s honestly the best. It is so easy to use and it works amazing with glitters, pigments and I also use it with foil and metallic eyeshadows when i want them to pop more. You don’t need too much product so it will last you for ages. This is only £8 and it is a must and a staple in my makeup collection as I use it with every single eyeshadow look. Get it here. The picture below is mac tan pigment swatched without (top) and with the NYX primer (bottom) and its crazy how different they look! You can clearly see how this primer makes the pigment pop so much more!

There you have it girlies, my faves for this month.. you can see I’m loving bronze shades at the moment for sure! Have you tried any of these? Are you going to try any now? Let me know what’s your favourite product! Talk to you next time 💫

– P xx



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