Clay your way! 🧖🏻‍♀️

Hey everyone! So today I decided to tell you about my experience with the new and oh so popular L’Oréal clay masks. I have seen so many people raving about them on social media and on their blogs that I really wanted to try them so a few weeks ago I was at boots and saw they had this multimasking play kit with three of their clay masks so I decided to pick it up as it was £7.49 and I was going to be able to try several ones and see which one I like best and then maybe get a full size one.

This kit uses 3 pure clays (kaolin, montmorillonite and ghassoul) in combination with eucalyptus, charcoal and red algae to create these deep cleansing face masks.

The first mask is the green/purity mask, this one contains eucalyptus which helps to purify your skin.

The second mask is the black/detox mask with charcoal, as we all know charcoal is amazing when your want to draw impurities out from your skin.

The third and last mask in the kit is the red/glow mask with red algae in it. This works wonders when you are wanting to brighten your skin.

The clay masks come in mini pods that contain 10 ml each

I didn’t have any face makeup on so I simply cleansed my face to start with a clear skin and I used this brush I already had so I could apply the masks. I find using a brush is better as dipping your fingers in them can be a bit unhygienic. Any old foundation brush will do but just be sure it’s clean! ☺️

One of the main advertising points I have seen they do is they suggest you do some multimasking, meaning you use different clay masks on different parts of your skin depending on your skincare needs. This kit show in the back of it three different ways you can do your multimasking.

This time I opted to try the de-stress regime so I could be able to try the three masks. The red mask was on my forehead, the green mask was on my nose and chin and the black mask was on my cheeks.

I really like the idea that they give you some examples on how to use them depending on what your skin needs at the time. Using the brush I applied a thin layer of the masks and left it for about 10 minutes, once it dried I just used some cotton pads and warm towel to remove it, it was surprisingly easy as sometimes clay masks can be a bit of a hassle but this one was really easy to take off.


This kit says these masks will deep cleanse your skin as the creamy texture of the masks will work deep into the pores so the result will be a purer, cleaner and brighter looking skin without feeling the tightness of normal clay masks.

As soon as I was taking the masks off I could feel my skin sooooo smooth! I was in shock! It feels as if you had a layer of skin that has been removed and you have been left with better looking skin. I think my forehead was the best feeling part, it was so smooth like a baby’s skin. My cheeks had zero bumps on them and I could see some of the blackheads I had on my nose were gone. I don’t think I could see my skin looking brighter per se but omg it felt amazing! And it really does not leave your skin feeling tight at all. I was feeling sooo good I even made my fiancé touch my skin and even though he was laughing at me cause I was soooo extra and excited (😂😂😂) he agreed it did feel really smooth 😌

I’m so happy I was able to try them cause I don’t think I have used any clay masks that work as good at these honestly! The only thing I didn’t enjoy was that the masks can’t be sealed back so I had to use cling film so hopefully that stops them from drying up hahah but I’m very intrigued and want to buy them all, specially the black and red one. I also want to use the charcoal one on my nose cause I feel this will be the best thing for blackheads.

I can honestly say the hype is real with these masks!! And if you haven’t you need to try them ASAP cause they are that good. They make a perfect companion for those pamper Sunday nights 🧖🏻‍♀️🛁✨ let me know if you have tried these and your thoughts on them!

Until next time 😘

– P xx


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