JOUER – Best of Nudes Mini Lip Crème Set ♡

Hey everyone! so if you read my Christmas wishlist for 2017 I had my eye on this lip creme set from Jouer Cosmetics and I was so happy I got this as a Christmas pressie and I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and show you some swatches and the way they look on me and my skin tone.

So basically I think every year Jouer comes up with a best of nudes set where they give you different nude colours from their best-selling lip shades so this is amazing if you love nude shades and if you have been wanting to try different colours from Jouer or just try the lip cremes in general. I have 2 of their normal size lip cremes and I would say these ones are like half the size of the normal ones but I’m still happy as it’s very difficult to use up a normal size lipstick or lip creme and I like having different shades to choose from.

jouer 2.jpg

jouer 3

The packaging is pretty – nothing special as it’s made out of cardboard but I really like the Christmassy design. I have been wearing some of them since I got this on Christmas day and I can say they are the same formula in the mini lip cremes as the normal size lip cremes. I love the applicator they have as it makes it so easy to do your lips without using a lip liner.

The formula is very opaque and the lighter colours are buildable, they are not streaky when you apply them but I would say they apply better if you exfoliate your lips before using them. The formula is very lightweight and they don’t feel weird on the lips, none of them are sticky and they dry super fast so just keep that in mind. I love them because even though some of them are matte they look nice on the lips and you can eat and drink and you are still going to have the colour on.

jouer 4.jpg

jouer 5

This specific set comes with 8 nude shades and one of the shades is a new and exclusive to the set. Six of them are matte finish and 2 of them are metallic finish. I would say these nude shades are on the pinky side so if you like nude-pink shades this is perfect for you. When I did the swatches on my arm I tried to wipe them off with water and omg they stayed there so that’s so good as they last on your lips for so long!

The names and description of the shades at the top are:

  • Mini Tawny Rose: Matte Cool Dusty Mauve
  • Mini Naked: Matte Cool Peachy Pink
  • Mini Bare: Matte Warm Nude Fawn
  • Mini Terra: Matte Neutral Deep Ochre

The names and description of the shades at the bottom are:

  • Mini Rosé: Cool Metallic Champagne Mauve
  • Mini Rayanne: Matte Cool Grey Nude
  • Mini Papaye: Metallic Warm Peach
  • Mini Dulce de Leche: Matte Cool Nude

    jouer 6

I also wanted to show you how the colours look on my lips and skin in case someone is wanting to get the set or get a specific colour and have the same/similar skin tone as me.

Tawny rose

tawny rose

Naked – the new one!












Dulce de leche

dulce de leche

One of the ones I already had is Papaye, as this one is metallic I love using it sort of like a lip topper on top of darker nude colours such as mac taupe or mac kinda sexy. There you have the colours and how they look on me, I would have to say my faves are tawny rose, naked, terra and rose. I think bare is a bit toooo light for me but I would definitely use this one to do an ombre look with other darker lipsticks. Dulce de leche is a bit too pinky for my liking but its still pretty nice and rayanne is a bit weird on me I think but I’m always able to use colours when I mix them up with other shades so I’m not too bothered.

I definitely recommend this set and any lip creme from Jouer in general as they are so comfortable and have an amazing colour payoff. What do you think of the best of nudes set? let me know if you have tried them before and what shades are your faves! Thank you for reading me and talk to you soon!

– P xx




    1. Yes they are all pinky nudes babe! Aww thank you, you are too kind! You should definitely, I have their lip cremes and lip toppers and love them, I heard their highlighters are amazing !! Xx


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