New year, BETTER me ..

As 2018 is already here I have seen loads of people either writing “new year, new me” posts with a huge list of their resolutions for the new year and people writing completely opposite things stating they don’t plan on changing in the new year at all. I guess I can see both sides but for me, it’s not about becoming a new me or staying the same way I am, it’s about becoming a BETTER version of myself.

What this means is that of course, I know you can’t make a 360 change and get rid of your old ways or bad habits, life doesn’t work that way I’m afraid! so I’m not one of those people who create a crazy list of things that they want to change to then be disappointed at the end of the year because you failed at them. I’m not one of those people that will make no effort at all because let’s face it, we all could use some improvement even if it means you can only change one thing in a year, at least you are actually making an effort. My approach is to just take it one day at a time and slowly but surely become a better me and work towards the person I want to become because that’s the only way you can change something and actually be able to maintain it that way.

It’s been 5 days in the new year and I have been making small changes in my lifestyle and I’m feeling better than ever. When it comes to this blog, this year I intend to write more blog posts as now I have the time and a new snazzy camera (an amazing Christmas gift from the fiancé) to step up my game and be more consistent with creating content.

Whatever approach you decide to go for this new year I just hope you are truly happy and have an amazing year. Thank you for reading me guys! until next time!

– P xx



  1. What you said about becoming a better version of yourself I can totally relate too. I did a new year’s posts and talked about how my goals were about personal growth but that’s not to say I am not ‘good enough’ already. Great read! 🙂

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    1. Yes, exactly! That’s what I’m trying to say basically .. people get so caught up and try to change everything about themselves and then get disappointed when that happens .. it’s just about improvement ☺️ thanks babe! I’ll give it a read 💗 xx

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