Christmas Wishlist 2017 ♡

Hey everyone! just wanted to share some of the goodies I have been eyeing up and that I have on my Christmas wishlist this year. Hopefully it helps you in case you don’t know what to ask for this year or you want ideas for gifts for your family and friends.

Kiko cosmetics is a makeup brand I haven’t tried a lot but the 3 things I have from them are amazing and I really like plus their prices are soo good! I’ll show you some products I really want to get my hands on!

  • I have seen that lots of girls say their 3D hydra lipglosses are amazing so I really want to try this one in the shade 18 golden sparkle



  • Everyone says their water eyeshadows are amazing and I have swatched them in stores and they have so much pigmentation and they give your eyeshadow a wet look. I basically want them in every colour but I’ll show you some of my favourite shades (In order: champagne, golden mauve, burgundy, pearly coffee, tortora, copper) – aren’t they stunning!?





  • I have seen they have some highlighters that look amazing and they are only £13.90. This one’s in the shade 02 steps to modern.



  • They have their winter holiday collection called Arctic Holiday and I swatched their holographic highlighter the other day and I’m obsessed now with it! looks stunning and so glowy!




So one of my favourite makeup brands that I haven’t tried yet has to definitely be Huda beauty. I have been lusting over her eyeshadow palettes for so long but they are definitely pricey and an investment but they are perfect Christmas gifts for yourself or someone you know loves makeup.

  • The Desert Dusk Palette which is an absolute beauty and it’s me in an eyeshadow palette. I NEEEEEED this and if you love warm eyeshadow you do too!

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-08 a la(s) 21.45.11Captura de pantalla 2017-12-08 a la(s) 21.44.48Captura de pantalla 2017-12-08 a la(s) 21.45.41

  • They recently came out with smaller eyeshadow palettes that are £25 pounds each as opposed to the bigger ones that are £56 so if you still want to try her eyeshadows but don’t want to pay so much for it this is a really good option for you! the shades that I want are in mauve and warm obsessions.






Morphe is becoming one of my faves makeup brands recently, everything I have tried is good quality and the prices are soo good too! I wouldn’t mind any of their brushes or some of their newest eyeshadow palettes plus they recently came out with their UK website so that’s amazing too as beauty bay didn’t carry every product they have

  • The newest 35O2 eyeshadow palette looks soooo amazing

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-08 a la(s) 22.03.47.png


For fashion pieces, I really want to get a Teddy Coat as everyone has been rocking them and I have seen so many pretty ones on Instagram so here are a few of them I really like.






I have been really into skincare lately and I really want to try some things from Glossier as it recently came to the UK and eeeeveryone was so excited about it and I have heard really good things about their products.

  • Their milky jelly cleanser looks amazing and it can be used to take your makeup off or to cleanse your face



  • Their Balm Dotcom lip balms look really nice and I really want to try their birthday flavour!



This next one is something I’m really really excited about!! Jouer Cosmetics is one of my fave makeup brands recently and they have amazing Christmas gift sets for such a good price!

  • Their gift set called Best of Nudes Lip Crème Collection gives you 8 small sized lip cremes for only £30 which is amazing as the normal size ones are £15 and it’s so difficult to finish a lip creme and you get to try several finishes and shades. I have one of them and they are seriously so nice!



  • This one is so exciting as I loveeee their lip toppers! they are so glittery and glowy but not sticky at all and they have a Best of Lip Toppers collection. All the shades look amazing and you get to try all their really popular ones and some new ones exclusive to the collection as well.




Obviously, since Christmas and winter is approaching jumpers are always necessary so I’ll show you some that I really like




As any other girl, I would definitely not mind getting something from Lush. Their bath bombs are amazing and they always have so many products released during the Christmas season that I haven’t tried and want to. Some of the ones I really want to try are these:

  • Magic wand £5.95
  • Snow Fairy £4.95
  • Butterbear £2.50
  • Christmas sweater £4.50




Last but not least, the book Capture Your Style which is written by Aimee Song and its all about tips and trick to step up your “instagame” so I think it could be a really cool read and might help me with Instagram and taking pictures.




So yeah I hope you enjoyed this and maybe I gave you some ideas for Christmas.. let me know if you have any of these products and what do you think of them. Thank you for reading me and talk to you next time.

– P xx



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