Pool side essentials

Hey guys! So this post might seem a bit weird as, well, its November… if you are in the UK, specifically in Scotland you know today was the first snow of the season. Regardless of what season we are on I just wanted to share what I usually pack in my beach bag and what are my poolside essentials as I recently came back from my holiday in Punta Cana. Hopefully, this helps you in case you were considering on purchasing any of these products or it can give you an idea of what to bring in case you are going away somewhere warm soon.

First of all, the most important thing… the beach bag. Just as a tip, don’t forget once S/S finishes eeeverything is on sale so if you are going away somewhere warm for A/W you can definitely find amazing bargains in the beachwear and swimwear area. I needed a new beach bag for my holiday and my favourite place to look for stuff is always Asos. I have the express delivery pass and I get everything on the next day so you can usually find me browsing there. I came across this amazing beach bag from Skinny dip and as soon as I saw it I wanted to get it. I love the palm print design and how it has an embroidery on the side with the word holiday on it, very appropriate! Once it arrived I realised the outer part is a material that is so easy to clean, literally by just wiping it with a damp cloth so I was very pleased with that. The interior is faux leather but it’s still very nice. The bag is £22 but it’s reduced to £18; I got mine for £16.2 as I have student’s discount. You can get it by clicking this link and here’s another beach bag I really liked and a third option.



The second thing I really needed was a new hat for the beach as I don’t really like to expose my face too much whenever I’m in the sun. I came across this really cute floppy hat from New Look and it was on sale from £12.99 to only .. wait for it… £4. 50, what a bargain! plus I got it when they had a flash 25% off code so I paid only £3.38 for it, I couldn’t believe it! plus the embroidered writing on it is pretty cute too. Here’s the link to it.


A very important purchase whenever going to a beach destination is suncream. We always get ours from Amazon and I tried this one from Calypso for the very first time, I bought the one with SPF 40 as I always try to get the one with the highest one. It says it is supposed to be applied only once a day but I wouldn’t recommend it as its best to reapply if you go in the water or sweat but I enjoyed it and it doesn’t have a chemical scent to it and it’s not too expensive, the bottle lasted me for like a week and a half so I had to buy another one whilst on holiday so just have that in mind You can get it here.

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As this holiday was very special for me and the boyfriend (now fiancé), we wanted to try the Bali body tanning oils as they are sooo popular and basically supposed to be amazing. There are 3 to choose from on their site so we decided to buy 3 of them, 2 of the watermelon oil and 1 of the cacao oil. Each bottle is £17.95 and yes that’s expensive considering they are 110 ml but I was able to use one of the watermelon bottles for myself for 2 weeks and still have some left so even if they seem small they have a lot of oil in them and you need only the tiniest bit of it, a little goes a long way! You need to use suncream underneath it if you don’t want to burn as it is just an oil so it doesn’t protect you from the sun.

As it was my first time using them I’m going to give you a mini review of them. The watermelon body oil is the one I ended up using for the holiday and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Their website says its “enriched with watermelon seed oil to naturally enhance your tan while leaving you smelling like summer. Say hello to the perfect sun-tanning tool”. The watermelon seed oil is supposed to enhance your natural tan whilst keeping your skin hydrated so it basically works with your own melanin. This is something you need to take into account as it might not work the best for someone who is naturally veery light skinned. My boyfriend is Scottish and he was using this but didn’t see any results whilst using it so he ended up using the cacao one. As I can get really dark when I tan this one worked the best for me as it instantly gave me a glowy skin and enhanced my natural tan beautifully. Here’s a picture of me on the first day and of me towards the end of the holiday, you can clearly see how dark I got.


All in all, I loved the Bali body oils I used and I think the fiancé enjoyed the cocoa one as well. You can get them clicking here. 

I wanted to finally purchase some sunglasses from Quay Australia as I have been lusting for them for so long so I thought I would treat myself to them. I got the ones in collaboration with the beauty youtuber Desy Perkins who I love, they are called the High Keys. They come in a bunch of amazing colours and the frame is so flattering for my type of face or any type of face really, although I have heard some people find them too big for them so they just recently came with the High Key mini which is basically the same sunglasses only in a smaller frame. I got the newest colour in gun/rose so they are basically rose gold sunglasses and I was so happy and fell in love with them instantly. I packed more sunglasses but these ones were the only ones I wore for the entire holiday. They are usually £50 which is not too bad and sometimes they do 10% off promo codes or sales. You can get them here.


I know some people don’t wear makeup for the pool or beach but I do like having some on and I like to wear a liquid lipstick as its easy and I don’t need to reapply constantly. My favourite one is this one from Jeffree Star cosmetics in celebrity skin, the perfect nude and formula in my opinion. You can get it on beauty bay by clicking this link and its only £16.


Last but not least, as I usually travel only with my fiancé it’s so useful and handy to have some sort of tripod with us as we can take pictures with the two of us in them without the necessity of asking someone else to do it and just use the timer. I grabbed this particular one from Primark and it was only £3 if I remember correctly so it was such a bargain and it works so well so be sure to check them out if you go and are in need one. If not this one from amazon looks amazing too!

So those are my poolside essentials, let me know what you think or if you have anything I talked about or have tried them before. Thank you for reading me and talk to you next time!

– P xx



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