Mini Superdrug Haul

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a small post about some of the things I picked up yesterday at Superdrug and explain a little bit about why I did.

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a small road trip yesterday to a town in Scotland called Ayr, it is an ocean front town so we wanted to spend our day there and go to the beach and explore since sunny days in Scotland are very rare and we wanted to make the most of it. I’ll leave a picture here, how gorgeous is the beach though? can’t wait to be on holidays!


Whilst we were walking around the town centre I spotted a Superdrug and I went in to see if I could get my hands on some of the things I wanted. So the first thing I picked up and was the most excited about is this Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil Shimmer Dry Body Oil. This product is supposed to be a dry shimmering body oil that you can apply to any part of your body you want to highlight and make it glow. I’m all about the glow and I thought this would be perfect as I’m going away on holiday to Cancun in a few weeks so it’s just going to look amazing with a tan on. I first saw this product on Sarah Ashcroft’s instagram and I’m always trying the things she recommends in an attempt to be at least a quarter as hot as she is (its unreal!!) so I’m excited to try this!


The second thing I picked up were these Collection lasting Perfection concealers in the shades fair and warm medium as I wanted to use the lighter shade to brighten my under eyes and the warm medium in case I needed to conceal any blemishes or dark spots. I have heard loads about them and everyone says they are amazing so I finally got them.


The next thing is something really fun I have been looking online and finally got them. I have always wanted to try and dye my hair in pastel colours or just any trendy colour but I’m always too scared of doing it in case I don’t like it or I look ridiculous so when I first saw these on a TV add I wanted to try them. These are the new Colorista Sprays and mine are in the shades Pastel Pink and Grey. These are meant to last just one day or until you wash your hair again so they are perfect if you want to try it first before committing on dying it for longer or you just like experimenting and playing with different hair colours. On Superdrug’s website is says they give you instant colour no matter how dark or light your hair is which is something I was really confused about as I had seen their new Colorista Washouts and I wanted to try those first but some of the colours don’t work on my hair as I’m Brunette/Dark brown and you are supposed to lighten your hair first and then apply the pastel colours so this was a much better option for me to try first.
I found this add really useful as it explains their whole range and whats more suitable depending on your hair colour and everything.



EDIT: I tried these and they were literally rubbish! they don’t work don’t get them or at least don’t get them if you are brunette!
And lastly but certainly not least I picked up these Superdrug Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes which will be so handy to use to clean my makeup brushes in between deep cleans since I’m always in need of something like this when I’m doing my makeup. I already used one of them this morning and they worked soo good so for only £3.99 these were a bargain!


I hope you enjoyed my post for today. Has any of you tried any of these? Let me know if they are any good and if you’ll be picking them up as well! Until next time..

– P xx





    1. Really?? Ah that’s amazing! I have never tried them before as I’m from Mexico and we don’t have this brand but now I’m living in the UK everyoneeee swears by it! How do you feel it works better ? With beauty blender ?

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      1. I don’t have a beauty blender so i can’t say! I just dab it on, smear it with my fingers and then rub it in with a flat brush! I sound like a child, but I swear it works 🙈

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