Gingham eveeerywhere

As you all may know (if you are interested in fashion of course) Gingham is the hottest trend for S/S 17 and it is basically everywhere! Everyone is obsessed with anything Gingham and I know I am too! To be completely honest I have been on a no buy for clothing items as I’m working really hard at the gym right now and saving up for my summer holidays so I wanted to save my money and then make a huge shopping trip before going on holidays in the summer.. BUT I may be making a cheeky purchase soon cause the amount of cute things I have seen in this print is insane. I went into primark the other day and saw a few things I really liked but either the fabric or the way the items were made were not suitable for me so I decided not to get them and since the really nice things were all gone in my size (is it just me or does this happen to you too? every nice piece of clothing in primark is always gone in my size!) I left empty handed.

I decided to have a look online and found some amazing items that I’m dying to get. I know this print comes in traditional cherry colour, royal blue, navy and even black with white combination but I must say my favourite is navy or black. Here are some pieces I would love to get ..

this Glamorous Off Shoulder Top With Frill Sleeves is perfect as it mixes another popular trend which is bardot tops and it looks just really flirty and cute. I like the fact that it’s a bit cropped as well but it doesn’t show your mid section if you don’t want to and for just £20 I think its well worth it!

I absolutely love the way this Connie black Gingham check bardot shirt from Pretty Little Thing looks! They way its styled in the website is just amazing and I would totally wear it like this. You can’t go wrong with pairing it with distressed jeans and some hoops and its only £20 – I need it!

This next crop top from missguided makes me so excited for summer!! can you tell I have a thing for off the shoulder tops? This one is a bit more cropped than the other ones so it’s perfect for warm and sunny weather..

I love this next piece as it has some embroidery on it and I’m obsessed with anything embroidery lately .. it’s this New Look gingham top. I would pair it with some cute shorts and tuck it in just so it doesn’t look too baggy on me but thats just my personal preference. Its just £22.99 gals!

I loveee this Gingham bardot dress from Pretty little thing as it just looks really sexy and flirty and I think it would look simply amazing with some high heel sandals and a tan and even if its bodycon it looks as if the fabric might be a bit forgiving and not glued to your skin so I’m definitely wanting to get this one – just in love!

And last but not least.. this gingham bikini from Asos is just amazing! its so flirty and since its from the fuller bust from Asos its very supportive (I have tried their fuller bust bikinis before and I love them) so i’m definitely going to see if I can get this one for my holidays. You can mix and match the bottom part and make it normal or high waisted if you want which is pretty cool if you ask me.

I hope you found something you like or if you have any of these pieces let me know if I should get them or not by leaving me a comment below! also let me know if you have any more suggestions of pieces I should check out! Talk soon!

– P xx


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