Makeup bits I need ♡

One of my biggest obsessions has always been makeup. I just can’t get enough of it and I wish I could afford to buy makeup constantly but as I can’t (I know i’m not the only one that gets soooo sad about this!) I always make a mental shopping list of the things I want to get and try out so I can snatch them whenever I get the chance so I though I would share them with you and maybe you find something you haven’t heard about before 🙂

1) Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in Prosecco pop 

I loooooooove me some highlight and becca does them like no other brand honestly! I have in my collection 2 of them in opal and the cult fave in champagne pop and they are soooo soo blinding its unreal. I wish I could get them all but this one is on the top of my list.

2) Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes 

This one is more of a product in general rather than a specific shade. Huda Beauty does liquid lipsticks and I’m dying to try them for myself as I have heard loads of people raving about them. There’s a big variety of colours to choose from and she recently came with new nudes and I can’t get enough of nude liquid lipsticks. Some of the ones I want to get are in the shades: girlfriend, wifey, trendsetter, flirt, spice girl, vixen,  medusa, bombshell and venus.

3) Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit 

Again with the highlighters.. but I just can’t get enough I’m a sucker for highlighters and ABH does glow kits the best! This new one is inspired by the northern lights and has the prettiest colours.. it might not be for everyone but I know Im dying to wear it! just look at that glow!!

4) Jeffree Star cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks

I recently got the liquid lipstick in celebrity skin and I can honestly say its the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried! The colour is just the PERFECT nude, the pigmentation is insane, it lasts on your lips for ages and it doesn’t feel dry or crumbly! I was honestly sooo impressed I’m now coveting all the colours but some of my fave ones are: androgyny, designer blood, dominatrix, leo, no tea no shade, posh spice, pussy whipped, sagittarius, scorpio and unicorn blood. They have this amazing shade called deceased but I haven’t been able to get it as I get mine from the UK website Beauty bay and they don’t stock that in the website :'(.

5) Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost

These highlighters look insaneeee and so blinding I need them in my life.. there’s loads of shades to choose from so anyone can use them. I have some favorites I can’t wait to purchase! That glow is unreal!!


6) Violet Voss eyeshadow palettes

These palettes have the most gorgeous shades and they just scream to me, I have seen so many makeup tutorials and reviews I just have to get them! These are a bit pricey but if their pigmentation and blend ability works I feel like they are an amazing investment! These 2 are the ones I’m hoping to get soon enough!


Let me know if you have tried anything from my list or if you also want to try them! until next time!

– P xx



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